Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Class Ring

When I was a senior in High School, I placed an order for the ever-so-common class ring. A typical right of passage, and a prize to be worn around the time of graduation. Sometimes boys would do the thing they do in the movies and give theirs to their girlfriends... Ordering one was a big deal, some people went for the classy and expensive. I went more simplistic - a typical female ring with "Samantha" engraved on one side and 2004 on the other. When selecting the stone, I didn't do the typical thing and get my birthstone. Instead I chose to get my only full-blooded brother's birthstone. When he graduated a few years before me, he chose my birthstone for his ring because he just liked how it looked. I Chose his because I knew he had mine.

I've worn my ring on my right ring finger since the day I got it. I don't really even notice it anymore and hadn't noticed how beat up and tarnished it'd gotten throughout the years. Awhile back, I was at work and one of my co-workers commented that she liked my ring. I told her that it was my class ring and why I'd chosen that specific stone. It wasn't until then that I realized - MY CLASS RING IS ALSO GABRIEL'S BIRTHSTONE!

I was so excited to have this realization,  I'd never noticed this before! For 8 years I'd been wearing Gabriel's birthstone on my hand. I never had any idea that it would eventually be something so sentimental, so personal.  Was a higher power trying to tell me something by pushing me to select that specific stone? Was there an angel who knew how my life story would play out , standing there whispering in my ear "pick that one" knowing that someday it would have significant meaning?

Oh geez, now I feel like I'll never want to take it off. What will I do when Derrick gives me an engagement ring again? Right now I wear the same promise ring that I've worn for 8 years on my left ring finger, would I move that ring to my right hand and not wear the class ring that now has so much significance?  OR maybe I could convince Derrick to somehow incorporate Gabriel's birthstone into my engagement ring so I won't feel so hesitant to take off my class ring? Or perhaps I should take it off anyways so I don't ruin it or damage it any further - tuck it away in my jewelry box so I will always have it and its new found significance?

And here I thought the tough decisions were over after Gabriel was born... Silly me.

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