Thursday, December 8, 2011


Will post a longer version soon - but I wanted everyone following our journey to hear our news.

We were surprised when our tiny angel was born with a little something between his legs. Gabriel Ray was born on 12/8/11 at 2:36am after 18 hours of Pitocin induced labor. We were blessed with 35 very precious moments with him before he passed at 3:11am. That was my final wish - that we would get a few moments with our tiny angel, those brief moments will carry me through the rest of this journey.

I'll update the longer story at a later time. Thank you for all your continued love and support as we travel this road.


  1. I will keep praying and if you just need anything let me know.. I don't know what I can do but just let me know.. I will be there.

  2. I confess, I had a sneaky suspicion she was a he, I have NO idea why. lol.

    My thoughts are with you all, so glad you got that time.

  3. Congratulations on the arrival of Gabriel, I'm sure that was quite a surprise! I am so glad you got to spend time with him. It is amazing how a lifetime of love can be given and received in such a short time as 35 minutes but (I speak from experience) those minutes will be treasured for a lifetime. I look forward to reading his birth story and will be thinking of you in these difficult times ahead.

    Beautiful maternity pictures, NILMDTS is a wonderful organization.