Friday, July 22, 2011

What we've been up to.

Not a whole lot has been going on in our world. Its been so hot and humid that its been very hard to do anything. We were able to get out to see the Rivertown Days and Fireworks. Evelyn was just as excited about these fireworks as she was the 4th of July ones!

Watching fireworks

Dancing to the music!

We spent a "water day" at my brother's house and let all the kids play in the water. It was a fun relaxing day for all of us.

Baby #2
We are now 16 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Our baby is about the size of an avocado!  Baby is practicing all those adorable facial expressions like grimacing and squinting. If baby is a girl,  her uterus, ovaries and egss are fully developed now. Baby weighs about 3 ounces and is 4-5 inches long.

Vacation is coming!
On Tuesday morning we fly out to Atlanta Georgia. We'll drive to Panama City Beach Fl for a few days, then drive to Fort Benning Georgia to watch my brother graduate from Basic Training. After his graduation we're unsure exactly where we're going to end up until the 3rd, we're sort of playing it by ear. We're looking forward to our family vacation down south. This will be Derrick's first airplane ride and Evelyn's too, and Evelyn's first time swimming in the ocean... We can't wait and are SO excited.  I'll be sure to do a good long post with lots of pictures as soon as we get back from our trip!

Talk to you all soon!

Monday, July 11, 2011

14 weeks 5 days pregnant - appointment & ultrasound!

Had our appointment this morning. I finally gained 2lbs. Still less than my starting weight of 137 at 6 weeks, but at 135 and almost 15 weeks, my dr was happy with that. We talked about how uncomfortable the cramping I've been having is and my dr was a little concerned. We listened to the heartbeat which was 140 and it sounded good and strong. They are testing for a UTI, she doesn't think thats the problem but she wants to eliminate that diagnosis anyways.  She ordered an ultrasound. She wants to make sure nothing goofy is going on in there that would cause so much cramping and discomfort.  She did approve us (pending nothing bad found in the ultrasound) for our trip to GA. She said it couldn't be any better timing as far as the pregnancy goes.

Luckily, I was able to make an appointment for Derrick's lunch hour the same day!  YAY! Part of me was excited for the ultrasound, part of me nervous something could be wrong. 

The ultrasound was awesome, baby was jumping around and even had the hiccups - SO CUTE!

As it turned out, everything looks fine. I have a minor case of placenta previa, but it will correct itself with time.

Can you see the face??? almost looks 3d without being 3d

I couldn't help but keep watch to see if I could figure out the gender haha! But baby had its legs crossed for awhile - which is a good thing since we don't REALLY want to know yet. At one point I thought I may have seen a tiny little boy part, then towards the end I may have seen a "hamburger"... me trying to figure it out was no help!

We were so relieved to know everything looks ok. Evelyn enjoyed watching baby move around on the screen. She kept pointing at it and got all excited - as if she knew what was going on. She's so cute.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 things never to say to a pregnant woman!

I found this online and laughed! The author has a great sense of humor!
1. "You look so big/small." Remember when you were a teenager and you didn't want to be unique in any way? Well pregnancy is the same and nobody wants to be told they look huge or teeny because it just scares them. Anything different from other pregnant women = weird = giant freak baby or creepy peanut baby.

2. "Haven't you had that baby yet?" If that woman's pregnancy seems long to you I can almost guarantee that it feels like about 30 years to her. Pregnant woman who are asked this question should be legally exempt from murder convictions.

3. "You look tired, you must be having a girl because they steal your beauty." Someone actually said this to my friend. So really what you're saying is "you look like shit". Thanks. I think the response to this should be "And you must be upside down because all I see is an asshole talking". (I just made that up.)

4. "So do your nipples look weird? Mine went all crazy." Pardon? Unless this pregnant woman is someone that would tell you about her anal leakage or an odd growth on her armpit, then don't ask this kind of stuff and don't share this kind of crap with anybody. Ever.

5. "Sleep now because you won't get any when the baby gets here." What the hell does this mean anyway? It's not like you can bank sleep. It's like saying "Don't eat this year because an all-you-can-eat-buffet is opening up next March". Plus, who says that the woman you're saying this to is sleeping now? She may be a congested ball of heartburn, hemorrhoids and back pain so this kind of thing just adds insult to injury.

6."I hate that name." Really? Oh okay, then they won't name it that. Nobody cares that a girl named Angela took your oatmeal raisin cookie in grade two so don't lift up the tarp covering your mental baggage. On a similar note, if they want to name their kid Adolph or Kleenex just nod and say "nice" – that will be the least of that kid's problems anyway.

7. "Were you hoping for a girl/boy instead?" It's not really anyone's business and if she ain't sharin', don't ask. If you're asked this you should answer that you were actually hoping for a puppy that could fart rainbows then just walk away.

8. "Was this an accident?" A woman's reply to this should always be "suck my dick." It's a nice, clean, confusing retort for someone that is rude enough to ask this kind of question.

9. "Did you use fertility drugs?" I don't want to get all misty here but all babies are miracles and by asking a question like that you're somehow implying that babies that were conceived with 'help' are different from babies that weren't. Not cool so don't ask.

10. "Should you be eating that?" This whole website is about people embellishing myths and half truths to scare the crap out of pregnant ladies. So unless she's about to accidentally snack on dog shit, don't say anything and let the poor girl eat.

Finally, there are three things you always say to pregnant women:

1. "You look fantastic" Even if she is a sweaty, wheezing Jabba the Hut with swollen ankles and a maternity top that no longer covers her fish pail, tell her she looks fantastic. She is making a person and that's pretty fantastic.

2. "That's wonderful" If she tells you she's going to give birth squatting in a Mr. Turtle pool surrounded by chanting Tibetan squirrels, you say "that sounds wonderful". Every pregnant woman makes about 200 declarations of what she is and isn't going to do and about 4 stick. Don't ruin her moments.

3. "It's going to be alright" When she starts crying because the pizza shows up wrong or she panics because she used regular detergent to wash the baby's onsies so she'll be a horrible mother or simply because she threw a reciprocating saw at your head because "you're too much of a moron to understand what she's going through". This is when it's a good idea to pull out "it's going to be alright". A side car of "you look fantastic" couldn't hurt either.
    Good luck.

    Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    4th of July Weekend!

    On Friday, Janessah came over to play with Evelyn for the afternoon. It was hot so I decided to put them in Evelyn's little whale pool and they LOVED it!  They played for a few hours before the weather started getting icky.

    It took Janessah a little bit longer to warm up to the idea of swimming in the pool, but she sat there and splashed around for awhile, which made Evelyn mad, then she got upset when Evelyn spashed around hahaha! 

    The pool was perfect for them, just enough water and just enough room. I put Evelyn's beach toys in there for them to splash and play with. It took a little bit for them to learn not to hit eachother with the toys though!

    On Sunday we went to Grandma Gail's for a BBQ.  Evelyn kept pointing my cob of roasted corn, so I gave her a bite and eventually she just stole it from me and started eating it on her own! She loved her first roasted cob of corn!  She was biting right into it!
    The 4th of July!
    The 4th of July was a good time. Derrick was off work so we were able to spend the day together. We went to my dad's and bbq'd hot dogs for lunch and hung out for awhile. After that we went over to my brothers and got together with a group of friends and hung out, bbq'd hamburgers, had a fire and lit off fireworks.
     Evelyn was loving the fireworks the guys were shooting off! ALL of them, fountains and big explosives she didn't care, she enjoyed them all. She'd laugh and clap and get all excited!

     We were able to walk 1 block from my brothers house to watch the fireworks. We could see them and hear them perfectly and avoided the large crowds of people that way. 

    We had a lot of fun over the 4th of July Weekend! We hope everyone was able to enjoy a great and beautiful day to celebrate our independence!