Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend!

On Friday, Janessah came over to play with Evelyn for the afternoon. It was hot so I decided to put them in Evelyn's little whale pool and they LOVED it!  They played for a few hours before the weather started getting icky.

It took Janessah a little bit longer to warm up to the idea of swimming in the pool, but she sat there and splashed around for awhile, which made Evelyn mad, then she got upset when Evelyn spashed around hahaha! 

The pool was perfect for them, just enough water and just enough room. I put Evelyn's beach toys in there for them to splash and play with. It took a little bit for them to learn not to hit eachother with the toys though!

On Sunday we went to Grandma Gail's for a BBQ.  Evelyn kept pointing my cob of roasted corn, so I gave her a bite and eventually she just stole it from me and started eating it on her own! She loved her first roasted cob of corn!  She was biting right into it!
The 4th of July!
The 4th of July was a good time. Derrick was off work so we were able to spend the day together. We went to my dad's and bbq'd hot dogs for lunch and hung out for awhile. After that we went over to my brothers and got together with a group of friends and hung out, bbq'd hamburgers, had a fire and lit off fireworks.
 Evelyn was loving the fireworks the guys were shooting off! ALL of them, fountains and big explosives she didn't care, she enjoyed them all. She'd laugh and clap and get all excited!

 We were able to walk 1 block from my brothers house to watch the fireworks. We could see them and hear them perfectly and avoided the large crowds of people that way. 

We had a lot of fun over the 4th of July Weekend! We hope everyone was able to enjoy a great and beautiful day to celebrate our independence!

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