Monday, July 11, 2011

14 weeks 5 days pregnant - appointment & ultrasound!

Had our appointment this morning. I finally gained 2lbs. Still less than my starting weight of 137 at 6 weeks, but at 135 and almost 15 weeks, my dr was happy with that. We talked about how uncomfortable the cramping I've been having is and my dr was a little concerned. We listened to the heartbeat which was 140 and it sounded good and strong. They are testing for a UTI, she doesn't think thats the problem but she wants to eliminate that diagnosis anyways.  She ordered an ultrasound. She wants to make sure nothing goofy is going on in there that would cause so much cramping and discomfort.  She did approve us (pending nothing bad found in the ultrasound) for our trip to GA. She said it couldn't be any better timing as far as the pregnancy goes.

Luckily, I was able to make an appointment for Derrick's lunch hour the same day!  YAY! Part of me was excited for the ultrasound, part of me nervous something could be wrong. 

The ultrasound was awesome, baby was jumping around and even had the hiccups - SO CUTE!

As it turned out, everything looks fine. I have a minor case of placenta previa, but it will correct itself with time.

Can you see the face??? almost looks 3d without being 3d

I couldn't help but keep watch to see if I could figure out the gender haha! But baby had its legs crossed for awhile - which is a good thing since we don't REALLY want to know yet. At one point I thought I may have seen a tiny little boy part, then towards the end I may have seen a "hamburger"... me trying to figure it out was no help!

We were so relieved to know everything looks ok. Evelyn enjoyed watching baby move around on the screen. She kept pointing at it and got all excited - as if she knew what was going on. She's so cute.

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