Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby #2 20 week ultrasound.

First off, I'd like to make note of what you've probably already noticed - the changes to my blog!  Not only has the look changed, but I've added some things to look through. I've added a things to do list, a baby item review section... but the most important addition is the poll on the left side!  Make sure to take a look and submit your guess! Feel free to browse around and make suggestions on what I can add or talk about.

Evelyn Update
Evelyn is getting so big on us! We can't hardly keep up anymore. She now has to climb on everything, she especially loves to get on our coffee table.  She's decided she hates her crib, we can't get her to sleep in it for anything, she throws an absolute fit anytime we try to put her into it. But if we put her in our bed she zonks right out. So we are going to be making her crib into a toddler bed soon and see if she does better. I didn't want to put her into a toddler bed so soon, I wanted to wait till she was near/around 2yrs old, but I think she's making her own request., trying to tell us that she feels trapped maybe?  We'll see if it works out better for us. If it doesn't work I'll be switching it right back to a crib for awhile and just continuing what we've been doing for some time now. She is trying so hard to talk, she says a few words now but our personal favorite is "hi daddy".


20 weeks pregnant!

We scheduled our anatomy scan (ultrasound) so it'd land exactly the day we hit 20 weeks! We did this with Evelyn too, in a way its our own little celebration "yay we're halfway!" The appointment was at Woodwinds of course, for Wednesday August 18th at 2pm.  They were having trouble seeing the baby because baby is literally folded in half, as you can see from the picture below:
Its hard to see, but babies head is on the left side, butt is on the right, and feet are above its head - we have a gymnast!

Because of babies position, they had a very hard time getting any good shots, in fact, we only got one good profile picture:

But.... babies position isn't the only reason they were having trouble getting pictures... after the ultrasound they made us sit and wait for 30 minutes while the radiologist was looking at the pictures and measurements. After awhile, he came in to talk to me (Derrick had to leave to go back to work towards the end, lucky for me Stevie was there with me).  He said that since my ultrasound at 15 weeks, my water level has dropped nearly in half. Baby doesn't have enough water... So we walked around the hospital waiting for my dr to call me... Unfortunetly a different dr called because my dr wasn't in today. She said that they are referring me to a specialist where I'll have many follow up visits and they'll be able to monitor my water levels. In the mean time I'm supposed to drink enough water that I feel like I'm drowning and hopefully that will help raise the levels a little bit. Otherwise they have options (that they didn't tell me) that may help too. Its scary to hear news that something is wrong with the pregnancy, but they did let me know that baby looks fine right now, developmentally and everything, just that somehow I'm losing water. Either its coming out and I don't know it or baby isn't excreting it back out or I'm not producing enough. So now I'm scared out of my mind, don't know what to expect except that I'll be seeing a specialist in the next 5-7 days along with peeing... a ton. So I'm scared out of my mind right now, nervous about whats going to happen, but I'll be sure to post updates as I get them...

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  1. Will be thinking the best for you and saying a prayer.