Monday, August 3, 2015

Welcome to Holland

I'm going to jump to the point of this post and do a more personal update later.

People often ask me and praise me for how strong I was during our journey. They often ask how I stayed as strong as I was, the truth is I wasn't always that way. I definitely had moments of deep desperate despair.  When I read this essay my view changed though.  I went from feeling lost and hopeless, to seeing the brighter side of things, at least as bright as it could get given our situation. I began enjoying Gabriel's presence and cherishing the time we had. Here's how it came to me -

While navigating our lives after Gabriel's diagnosis a local woman got in touch with me. She was traveling a very similar journey and with very similar timing.  She shared an essay with me called "Welcome to Holland".  This was a turning point for me and I'm SO glad she shared it with me.  She uses this a lot when talking about her own journey though loss and every time she posts it, shares it or talks about it,  I smile.  I'm grateful of the positive reminder.  It was a very uplifting for me and changed the direction of my path dramatically.  I hope that this is something that will help others - so I'm passing it along to you.  I believe it was written for parents of children who have special needs, but it fits VERY well into any seemingly devastating situation that doesn't go as planned. So I know sharing this will help more than one type of person.

I don't take credit of the beautiful display. I found it on google and loved it.