Wednesday, June 29, 2011

13 weeks pregnant! Hello second trimester!

Today we hit 13 weeks pregnant and 2nd trimester! YAY!  Hopefully now my energy level will return a little bit and I won't be so prone to laying on the couch all afternoon....

What is baby doing?
Our baby can now make a fist and even suck its thumb. Babies Eyelids are fused shut to protect its eyes during development. Its bones are beginning to solidify and soon ribs will appear. His vocal cords and larynx are developed now, if baby was out of the womb it'd be making all those cute little cooing sounds. Baby weighs about 20 grams and is about 3 inches long (about the size of a nutter butter cookie!).

How are mom and dad doing?
Mom is feeling slightly less tired now, and I never really feel nauseous anymore - even after I eat!  My prenatal vitamins are definitely  making me feel a little better now that I can actually take them.  We're getting excited and even ordered our bedding set for this little one, we thought it was very cute, modern and neutral:

She is doing very well. She said "Lub You" to daddy on Sunday which I was really cute I guess... I didn't get to see it. She loves climbing up and down the stairs and on and off the couch. She's definitely a little monkey and tries to climb on everything.  She's such a little princess and is so happy all the time still. Her second front tooth has fnally popped through this weekend and has stopped playing hide and seek with us. So now she has her 4 front "bunny teeth" and its darn cute.  We discovered a few days back that she does not like yogurt and spits it out, but she loves everything else, we even gave her a Jalapeno Cheddar Cheeto and she ate the crazies out of it!  There isn't anything she won't eat... except yogurt apparently. I think its mostly because she wants to feed herself and not have us feeding her. Our little independant girl.  She just loves doing things to make people laugh - as seen at her birthday party if you were there... or you'll see on the video when its finished!  She's so smart, if we show her how to do something once, she tries and tries to do it until she gets it, which usually only takes once. Pushing buttons, moving things, and at grandma Gail's, its turning on and off the TV (which we didn't actually show her!)  She's too smart and is definitely giving us a run for our money!

What our family has been up to
We've been hanging a bit low recently although I did take Evelyn to the MN Zoo yesterday with my friend Joani and her two small kids. We had fun walking around and talking. After the zoo we stopped by and visiting Grandma Karen as we hadn't seen her in quite a few weeks. Spent a few hours over there with them and went to pick up Derrick, where I had a small heartattack. As I was waiting for him to come out, small plumes of white smoke started coming out from under my hood and then larger plumes... I drove it home after talking to my dad and determining it should be ok to do, when he came up to look at it - nothing was showing to be wrong! Dad says it was probably just some fluke with the antifreeze and pressure, but to watch it. Thank god! I was afraid it'd be something more serious...

I'll be sure to post another update soon!

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