Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Went to the beach :)

Derrick was off work for 2 days this week! So Monday Evelyn and I took daddy fishing. (even in the heat, we still had fun.)
He didn't really catch anything, so in the 90 degree heat and humidity, I decided we would go to a different lake where Evelyn and I could go swimming.

This was Evelyn's very first time!  We don't have access to a pool and lord knows it takes forever for MN beaches to warm up enough!

The water was great! I thought for sure she'd get scared and panic, but she didn't at all! She was LOVING it!

The inflatable raft was the best investment ever. One of Derrick's cousin's had it last year when we all met up, I went and bought one at Target for $20. It was perfect. She floated around, was protected from the sun, and felt safe in it.  Although I did find it a bit hard to blow up at first and equally hard to deflate. But once it gets going its a peice of cake. 
Then, Tuesday we went to Como Zoo with my mom, Sister in law and the kids. We had fun even though it was rediculously hot. (Over 100! and the hottest place in the US according to the weather guy!)  After to zoo, we hung out in the water at my brother's place. Evelyn was loving the little baby pool there too. Guess she's a water baby!
So even in the (almost unbearable) heat and humidity we still managed to have fun. And even better, I still managed to get fried.  Pregnancy and sunburn certainly don't mix.

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