Monday, June 20, 2011

Evelyn's 1 year checkup & stats

Went and saw Dr Lander's today for Evelyn's 1 year checkup and shots...

Our little girl is 30 inches tall (75 percentile) and is 22.5lbs (75 percentile again)! Maybe she'll be tall and skinny just like mommy? 

Dr said she looks perfect, according to her charts she is about average for her walking and speaking skills, but her motor skills are about 3-4 months ahead! Smart little cookie she is.  Dr has no concerns for Evelyn and will see her again at 15 months.

Then nurse Amber came back in for the shots... She looks at Evelyn and says  "are you ready?" And I replied "She's more ready than mommy is!" Evelyn got her very first shot in her arm :(  poor baby, I think that was worse than the leg ones are!  She got the Chicken Pox shot and two other ones that I not only can't spell, but can't pronounce either. Lucky for us Amber has been VERY good at giving Evelyn her shots. She's very quick about it and it seems less painful for Evelyn that way.

So overall a great wellness check for little Evelyn, She's gotten so big!

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