Sunday, June 19, 2011

Evelyn's 1st Birthday Party!!

Our beautiful daughter turned one on Saturday, June 18th! Wow how time flies!  So we reserved "Kargel Park" here in town for her party. Even though it rained the entire time, we were inside the building so we were fine, and the rain proved for some fun for the kids and adults!

 We Got here these very cute "Cupcake Cakes" They were perfect, way better than a reguar sheetcake. 
This was the building we rented after it was decorated. It looked so nice!

I had the bakery make her a very special cupcake so we could put her candle on it. She didn't quite blow it out, although she did try!  When she ate it, she was being very delicate at first, started sticking one finger in the frosting and licking it off... then she moved to 3 fingers and soon enough she figured out "Hey this tastes really good!"

The fun part began when we started opening presents. She was loving it all, although we had a few fits in between since she got no nap.  She got these two shirts in one of the bags, she was trying to put them on her head and ended up like this: 
After everyone started laughing, she took it down, started laughing and clapping and did it again. Then she bent over as if she was bowing a few times! I was crying I was laughing SO hard and so was everyone else!!!  She's such a ham, I absolutely cannot wait to see the video Derrick's dad took because I'm hoping he got this part of the party!!!

She was loving her presents so much, she was so excited to be getting some new things.

So far this is her favorite toy. Its VERY cool. You program it to know your childs name, how you spell it, their favorite food, color, animal etc. It has a nighttime setting where it says "5 minutes to bedtime Evelyn" and plays a bunch of lullabys that you pick online. Its very interactive and cool, although she is enjoying all her new toys a lot.

So, dispite the fact that it rained the entire time, we still had a ton of fun and so did she. Can't believe our baby girl is already 1 years old... And SUCH a comedian!


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  1. Evelyn's 1st Birthday Party looks fantastic. I just had an awesome time watching these pictures here. For our son’s birthday bash we booked the rental venue NYC. My sister made a huge DIY castle backdrop for this bash which was loved by all the kiddos. Even it was hit among adults for the photo shoot.