Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Week... A letter to Gabriel.

"Some people only dream of meeting an angel, we held one in our arms"

Sweet Gabriel, our little man

Today is one of the days I wasn't counting down to, I never wanted to say "its been a whole week...". I want to say that I love and miss you so much, every minute of every day I'm thinking about you. I wish you were here with us, I want to hold you and love you, I want to snuggle with you and feed you and do all those things mommy's are supposed to do.

You were wanted, loved, and prayed for from the start. You are perfect in every way.  You may not have had any kidneys, bladder, or enough lung development, but you were created perfect for the purpose you were designed for - to be our angel.

We'll never forget the moments we spent being your parents. Your presense in our lives has taught us to live life to its fullest, it has taught us about love, life and hope.  We will never be the same people as we were before you came into our lives. 

We will always love and remember the times you spent playing and kicking inside mommy's tummy. Seeing you on the ultrasound screen sucking your hands and wiggling your feet. The times I would inconveniently have to run to the bathroom because you thought my bladder made an excellent pillow. The nights you kept me awake by kicking and dancing - I was tired and frustrated - but loved feeling your life inside me.

We spent much time preparing for your birthday, but nothing could have prepared us for the love we felt as we got to meet you, kiss you, and tell you how much we love you. Especially for the surprise you gave us by hiding you boy parts during the ultrasounds. We could feel your warmth, feel your soft skin and hold you tight.  You left us, surrounded by the people who love you the most... Everyone was there for you, to love you and to say farewell to you.  Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I didn't want you to be gone, I didn't want to let you go... Nobody should have to say goodbye so soon after meeting someone so sweet. You gave us everything you had during those 35 minutes we spent with you. Although I never got to see your eyes and never got to see your smile, I know you were saving your strength to stay with us just a little longer.

We are so blessed to have been chosen as your parents, to have gotten this time to spend with you and cherish you. To be lucky enough to have such a beautiful angel watching over us. Thank you for everything you have taught us on this journey we traveled together. You're in our hearts forever and beyond.

- We will love you forever and always -
Your mommy and daddy.


  1. Very touching sam, gabriel is in my heart forever. Stay strong hun.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I pray that you'll feel God's warmth and blessings.