Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Last Week

Well, we're officially down to our last week with Ms Gabrielle. I suspect it will be a tough week ahead, but also know that the following weeks may be even tougher.

Had a couple appointments today. First we met with Dr Buchbinder for one last time before our induction. We got to see our little angel one last time before her birth. He confirmed that she is breech still and his best guess is that she weighs just over 3lbs. But that was just an estimate. Because there is no stomach that they can see it makes measuring a bit more difficult because they use that as a marker to estimate the weight. She still looks strong. We confirmed the plans for Tuesday and Wednesday. I go in Tuesday at noon and 6pm to get the gel put in, then we go back at 6am on Wednesday to start the Pitocin. 

I'm hoping and praying that labor goes relatively fast. They told us to plan for a Wednesday evening delivery but if for some reason its not progressing fast it could be Thursday too. But they seem to think that because my body has done this before, hopefully it'll respond to the Pitocin rather quickly.

After that appointment they set me up for an x-ray of my spine to determine where exacly the rods and fusions are located. As expected, the ultrasound techs were a bit nervous about doing an x-ray on a pregnant woman, but after a breif explanation they did it without question. The reason for the x-ray is incase a c-section is needed, we'd need to know whether a spinal is an option or not. Also, incase labor gets to emotionally tough, it'd be nice to know whether or not an epidural is a possible backup plan. I don't think we'll need a spinal or an epidural (my doula is amazing and got me through with Evelyn no problem).

I also made a call to the funeral home, we will meet with them on Monday to disguss arrangements. I also talked to my pastor and said he or our associate pastor will be able to attend the burial and do a quick "service" for us. I'm so glad they'll be able to take care of that part for us.

I also got in contact with a NILMDTS photographer. She is going to do maternity pictures for us on Tuesday and then will be there after she is delivered to do photos for us then. I'm glad we decided to do pictures. Even if we never look at them, at least we know we have them if we want. We only have one shot at this and I don't want to miss anything.

So it's been a very long and productive week. Things are starting to fall into place, as things work out in our favor it feels more and more right.  Its hard, its scary, and its so so sad, but we feel like we are doing the right thing.

Thank you for all your continued love, support, thoughts and prayers during our journey.

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