Monday, November 7, 2011

OB Appointment today...

Finally got my butt in to see Dr Lander's and nurse Amber today.I haven't been seen since 18 weeks - I'm 31 weeks now!  They've definitely moved into a really nice clinic!  It was nice to finally catch up with them both about the situation and how we're doing. Dr Lander's and I had a nice chat about things that she'd come across, and concerns as well as my concerns.  We also talked about my emotional well-being and where I stand for delivery. I did tell her that my doula and I had met with someone about our birth plan and that I would do my best to get her a copy of that, she wants to go over it with me at one of my next appointments.

Unfortunetly I have missed so many appointments that we had some catching up to do, glucose test for gestational diabetes, flu shot etc. Fun stuff. 

She did an exam and my belly is only measuring 2 weeks behind at 29 weeks instead of 31. That means the little one must be growing plenty. I was surprised, without the fluid I would have expected to measure way behind, but apparently not.

His heartbeat was at 130 today, good and strong.

I also weighed in at 158lbs. This means I have gained 20lbs so far. This is the same amount I gained with Evelyn at this point. I was surprised by this too because I would have thought I would have gained less given there's no fluid. But Dr Landers said the baby only accounts for 15lbs of your weight gain at full term, so in reality it shouldn't be that much different than normal.

She did recommend I go in for another ultrasound sometime in the next week, so I will be scheduling that soon.  I am hoping this baby is no longer breech. If the baby is breech the concern is that it may be tough for the baby to flip since there's no fluid in there and its very tight quarters.  If the baby is breech this would call for an instant c-section upon delivery. This would be the worst case scenario for me. I can't have a spinal (previous back surgery and spine issues) so I would have to have general anestesia and be completly knocked out. This means that if Gabriel is born alive, I would most likely miss it entirely...  :(  Derrick and I have talked about the plan if this were to happen or if I would need an emergency c-section for any reason, but I don't like to think about that too much.

We are already at the point of seeing Dr Landers every 2 weeks (which only means we're getting that much closer to due) so I'll be going back soon.  Can't believe we only have 2 more months until we are due...

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