Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Enlightened 4D Imaging and Photography (plus a SURPRISE)

Previous 4D ultrasound experience
When I was pregnant with Evelyn, I wanted a 4D ultrasound done. With a simple Google search I pulled up Enlightened 4D Imaging (they were based in our town then - they've since moved to Bloomington). They are a family owned/run business and I was pleased with what I'd seen on their website. We purchased a package that included two 4D Ultrasound sessions and a newborn photography session. We loved it and so did our family and friends, it was so cool to see what she looked like in there! Then when she was 1 week old we went and had the newborn photos done that turned out amazing. We were VERY pleased with our experience.

Evelyn at about 32 weeks

4D Ultrasound with Potter's Syndrome
When I met Melanie she mentioned to me that Enlightened Imaging does free ultrasounds for babies with terminal conditions. I'd been to them before 2 years ago so I knew exactly who she was talking about, and I was excited. However, having no fluid I knew this would be difficult and we'd be lucky if we got any pictures. I called Jon Titus (the owner/ultrasound tech) to inquire. He simply said "we won't know what we can get until we try." So we scheduled an appointment right away to go in (next day!).

I was hopeful we'd be able to see our little angel baby, but this proved to be difficult. Not only because there's no fluid, but also because the legs, arms and cord are all bundled up in front of the face making it nearly impossible to see anything. We did get to see a mumbled picture of the face, but couldn't make out much. 

He was able to see that baby is still breech, I explained my fear about this and he suggested we ask our doctor about doing an inversion - so I'm going to ask about this at my next OB appointment.

Right Hand (fist)

We explained that because of the lack of fluid (and baby's position), nobody has been able to tell us the gender. We said that we are carefully assuming its a boy because we've thought that all along, and also because the statistics we'd read suggested that there's a 80% male dominance with this condition.  He asked if we wanted him to tell us if he could see anything, and we said yes. By the end of the ultrasound he was 85% sure baby is a GIRL! SURPRISE!  So now, Gabriel Ray is Gabrielle Rae! We are going from saying "He" to "She"!

As you can see, its difficult to see the gender, but the mouse pointer shows the "hamburger" making us believe its a SHE!


I highly recommend Enlightened to all my pregnant friends who live in the twin cities. They are a wonderful family doing wonderful things for expecting parents. They have such warm hearts and care so much about their clients.

Here's their link:

So, although we couldn't get any good 4D pictures, we were able to get a better idea of the gender as well as another chance to see our precious angel. For us this was still a success!

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  1. i went to enlightened images for my ultra sound as well, very great service. and i think its amazing that u got these done...this story is amazing, prayers with you.