Sunday, November 6, 2011

Received some much needed love and support...

Over the last couple months, we've received cards, emails, phone calls and various messages that are supportive, emotional, and SO appreciated. Sometimes on a bad day, its just nice to check the mail and get a special message from someone who loves and cares about us.

My co-workers are awesome!
This weekend, I was at work and a couple co-workers came up to me with a surprise. Meti (and Tiffany) had a card. This card was not only signed by my co-workers with their love, support and well-wishes, but also with cash. The amazing people I work with had donated money to help cover at least some of the costs and expenses we are about to endure. After Meti gave me the card, I managed to hold it together until I went into the locker room  and read the messages written inside... then I lost it. What a generous way to show their love and support. I'll never forget the thoughtfulness, the care, the love and support I felt from my fellow employees this weekend. <3

Derrick was thrilled, he was ESPECIALLY happy to see how much support I have at work (lord knows how he worries). But he was also very thankful for the financial assistance, every little bit will help us be able to provide the memorial we need for ourselves, and that little Gabriel deserves.

I only hope, someday they'll know how much I appreciated this gesture. Maybe someday I'll be able to return the favor or show them how much it meant to us. In fact, I hope someday everyone will know how much all the thoughts and well-wishes mean to us, it really helps us get through an emotional day.

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