Monday, November 21, 2011

Doctor Appointment Update.

Had our OB appointment today. Which proved to be quite productive, before we left they managed to give both Evelyn and Derrick a flu shot... sound familiar? Last time it was me getting stabbed with needles. Guess it was their turn!
We had a long talk about our options and it seems Dr Landers is also leaning away from a c-section. We talked mostly about our options for a breech delivery. She had talked to Dr Buchbinder on the phone and they disgussed our options prior to our appointment today. He did say that he would be willing to deliver our little girl for us regardless of when we decide to induce and that he would be willing to travel to Woodwinds to deliver for us. Exciting news for us! Dr Landers sounded as though she wanted to work with Dr Buchbinder for our delivery and that even though she wouldn't be the delivering doctor, she would be there. Maybe she'd be assisting, or just being there to make sure everything goes well and for support. I LOVE our doctor - she's a really special lady.

Our options for delivery are kinda tough too. If we induce soon that means that it'll probably take longer for the pitocin to kick in labor, it'll be a longer and harder process. However, the delivery would be quicker and easier because Gabrielle is small still. OR, do we wait it out till we are 38 or 40 weeks and either go into labor naturally or induce, this means that pitocin would probably work faster and better, but would make the delivery a bit tougher as the baby will be bigger at that point. So - do we want a longer harder labor or a tougher delivery? Decisions decisions... and tough ones at that.

Christmas approaching is a big part of our conversations about what we want to do.  If we wait till we are closer to 40 weeks, delivering a bigger baby but maybe without induction or hopefully the pitocin will kick in - we risk going into labor a couple days before Christmas, or maybe even Christmas day... However, if we deliver at the beginning of December we will have a couple weeks to grieve before Christmas approaches. We can focus on making Evelyn's Christmas special and hopefully that will provide a happy moment for us in our grieving process... 
If it seems that we are leaning towards an earlier delivery, its because we are... The idea of a longer tougher labor is scary, but with my doula and Derrick's help - I think I can make it through... and maybe a little help from a friend named Nubane (just to take the edge off). The idea of her being born on Christmas or a few days before saddens me. But also the idea of deliverying a bigger baby thats breech is scary too.
Hopefully we'll be making our final decision soon - maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, it just depends on how our next few conversations unfold. I'll be sure everyone is posted on our final decision as soon as we have one.

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