Wednesday, March 20, 2013

RSV - over the hump

Back into the clinic we went today to check the boys oxygen levels. I'm so lucky Evelyn is such a good girl for me and behaves beautifully when we have someplace to go.

Last night Sawyer was sleeping and appeared to be breathing completely normal, his ribs weren't retracting at all for a solid 5 minutes. He looked so peaceful. We had a rough night, the boys were coughing and gagging all night long and I was struggling to get them to eat enough. But, this morning during our steam routine, Logan was breathing completely normal, couldn't have been happier. I couldn't get my hopes up though until they were seen at the clinic again.

Going in to have them checked has me wiggins out. I was so nervous their levels didn't go up.

Amber (our nurse) watched their levels for a bit. Both boys are up from 90% to 95% and 97%! Dr Landers watched their breathing and said their breaths are far less labored, she is confident we are over the hump now! We shouldn't need to bring them back unless something changes!

We will be continuing our treatments - both neb and steam - until they are both very obviously better. But at least I can relax a bit now.

After a loss, there is nothing worse than watching your next baby (or in our case babies) struggle to eat and breath. It's the most terrifying thing to know there's not much you can do but watch them struggle and hope and pray for them to get better.

I suppose now, we can stop sleeping on the couch and return to our bed. I bet that'll feel nice.

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  1. I am so happy they are getting better.. how stressful to go through that (for them and you) when they are so young. I have to say those pictures of them holding onto their nebulizers (that dwarf their little faces) are absolutely adorable.