Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fluffy Stuff

I'm overwhelmed with gratefulness. I never expected this much fluffy stuff from that contest I won.  The package finally arrived today and it was PLUMP full of awesome supplies that I would never have been able to afford on my own.  I owe a huge thank you to Erin at, as well as huge thank yous to the J12 moms, the Lovebug moms and everyone who continued to put up with my daily Facebook posts and voted everyday for us.  This package was amazing!

Some items donated are brand new first qualities, some items were customer returns 1st quality, and some items are second qualities. All the diapers and supplies are fully functional!

Here's the prize!

The box was packed full!

The stash!

4 Swaddlebees Simplex OS (One size fits all) - side snaps

50 cloth wipes in different brands and kinds

A Happy Heiny Starter kit which included a bag, 3 OS pockets, 6 inserts, cloth wipes and Heiny cleaner (in a different photo)

4 Swaddlebees OS Pockets

7 Rumparoos OS covers

4 NB size Blueberry fitteds for nighttime

6 Newborn Bummis Covers

2 Kissaluvs OS covers

6 blueberry bamboo inserts. 2 snappis, 8 swaddlebees size 1 inserts, 12 Osocozy Stay-dry prefolds, 15 osocozy organics flat diapers, 7 Kissaluvs doublers

4 Blueberrys OS covers

Not only diapers were in the box!

Bobawrap, CJs Carcass Wipe Solution, CJs BUTTer, 300 loads of Eco nuts detergent, 2 Blueberry laundry bags, 2 GroVia Wet bags

I can't believe how fortunate we are to have recieved this prize. I was shocked to see the Bobawrap (I know nothing about these, but new I wanted a wrap like this!).  I do believe I have enough supplies to get me through a few days without having to wash.  I also have enough to set up more than one diaper station in my house! I can have my living room one, my bedroom one (while they are still sleeping with us) and the one in their room! How exciting!

Thank you all so much! Without your constant votes, this wouldn't have been possible for us!

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