Friday, March 29, 2013

2 month check up

2 months went by way to quickly. Especially the last few weeks in dealing with a hospital stay and illness.

Dr Landers was very happy with the boys' recovery. She said the look great and their lungs sound fabulous. Even the cough is more subtle, even though it could hang around for 6 weeks. Logan weighs 10lbs 10oz (13th%) and is 21 1/4 in tall (<1%). Sawyer weighs 8lbs 15oz and is 20 1/2 inches long (the same length Evelyn was at birth and puts him less than 1% also!). Although the boys are very short, even for their adjusted age, overall they are 50% and 60% so they are just fine. Sawyer lost more weight when they were sick so he has some catching up to do, but both boys have doubled their birth weights - on strictly breastmilk!

They both got 3 shots + 1 oral vaccine, it was so sad :( breaks my heart every time. I hate to see them in pain. They weren't doing to well so I did have to give them Tylenol yesterday and overnight, but they seem to be much better today. They pretty much slept for 24 hours straight!

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