Tuesday, March 5, 2013

6 weeks - my body is healing.

Had my 6 week post pregnancy check up today. I am down to 141lbs, which is only 6lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. I've lost 35lbs now. I'd like to keep a little seeing as how I'm breast feeding, so hopefully I don't lose anymore.

My hematoma that was on my incision is almost gone. It's much smaller than it was last time I was in a month ago. I had hoped this was the case since it wasn't hurting anymore.

The last week or so I've been struggling with some really bad rib pain. It's been in my left side since shorty after birth but has recently gotten so bad it nearly brings me to tears sometimes. I mentioned it at my appointment and they said to use heat or ice and ibuprofen, give it a month, if it isn't better I need to be seen. I don't know what these boys did to my skeletal system, but wow does this suck. Hopefully it doesn't last a month and the heat/ice helps!

They took my hemoglobin level again. At the hospital I was at 7, after 2 weeks I was at 9. Today I was at 12 which puts me back to normal.

Before we left, I invited the staff to come see the boys. The ultrasound tech, the nurses and our doctors all came in. Everyone was surprised how much the boys look alike. Both doctors said that if they had to guess, based on their physical features, they probably are identical. Only time will tell though, we'll see what they look like if Sawyer ever catches up to Logan's weight and size.

Evelyn was a great helper for mommy and enjoyed showing off her baby brothers. I was impressed at how smoothly this outting alone went.

When we left the nurse and doctor helped me out to the car. Although I could have managed, it was nice not to have to struggle.

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