Friday, January 18, 2013

NST + prodromal labor

For the last 36 hours I've been battling semi painful, none time able, sporadic and annoying contractions. They aren't getting any closer together or more intense, they just... are. And now I understand why people end up making multiple trips to labor and delivery before they actually are admitted - false labor anyone? Because they are so random, I have to wonder - is my mind/body playing tricks on me?

Because of this and the miserable day I had yesterday, I was excited for my NST today. I asked them to make sure they get a good read on my uterine activity.

Turns out the contractions aren't in my head as they popped up one by one on the monitor.

My assumption is that this will go on for days - hopefully even a week before progressing into anything significant.

I have a dr appointment on Monday, hopefully I'll know then if anything is happening.

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