Monday, January 14, 2013

34 weeks 5 days - BPP and Growth Scan

Today I am 34 weeks 5 days! Had our BPP and growth scan.

Baby A: head is WAY down low this week! He waited till the very last 45 seconds to practice breathing but did and got 8/8 on his BPP. He's measuring 4lbs 11oz which is 33weeks 1 day (20%).

Baby B: 8/8 on his BPP right away. Still breech with no room to flip at this point. He's measuring 5lbs 8oz which is 34 weeks 4 days (45%).

Baby A is nearly 10 days behind in growth but keep in mind, these are only estimated and can be off by 2 weeks. So baby A's size isn't a concern for now.

I've had Braxton hicks about every 5 minutes with the occasional one paired with pain. Hoping to get AT LEAST another 9 days out of these little guys!

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