Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just waiting and planning... a longish update.

All these appointments sure do keep a momma busy. I pretty much have appointments every Monday and Friday these days. 

I am currently 34 weeks 3 days. I continue to have Braxton Hicks - oh about every 15 minutes. Occasionally they like to up it a notch and come much more frequently, rarely do they hurt or get more intense... They just are. I really thought I would feel so much worse and be in a much more miserable place than I am at this point... I really do feel good.  Aside from the typical aches and pains the only problem I have is SLEEP!  I can't sleep, I roll over and wake up, I am exhausted yet I am so uncomfortable no matter what I do that I can't fall into that wonderful deep slumber I hear so much about.  I've slept on the couch, in our recliner, in bed, on pillows, on the floor.  Doesn't make any difference.  As soon as I try to sleep I get really bad hip and rib pains and struggle to get past that.

Medically speaking, aside from the complications/worries early on and our one trip to labor and delivery for lack of movement, this pregnancy has been another basic, no problems type of pregnancy - Guess I'm just built for it!  My Blood Pressure has been good, size/weight is good, babies are growing good,  no gestational diabetes, and no preterm labor troubles so far.  It amazes me how simple this pregnancy really has been - aside from the aches and pains of course.

Knowing they won't stop labor at this point has me more intune and aware of whats going on, makes me nervous!   I want at least another week and a half for these boys to cook, shouldn't be a problem though, there have been no real signs of impending labor starting anytime soon. The babies have been passing their Biophysical Profiles and NSTs (although there have been a few struggles) and seem to be happy and doing well in there. I just hope that continues to be the case for a little while longer. 

Baby B continues to be breech... Stubborn little guy.   My doctor is fine with delivering baby A, then attempting to flip Baby B or pulling him out footling breech.  I can't lie, the idea of delivering another breech baby has my mind whirling.  Last time the delivery went fine, a couple hiccups on Gabriel's way out, but for the most part it was ok.  I have no doubt I can do a breech delivery, since I've done it before. The emotions are toying with me a bit though.  14 months ago I was also planning for a breech delivery - this hits close to home.  Yet, I would still prefer to deliver him breech than to have a c-section...  People think I'm nuts... Really I'm not, I just want these babies born as naturally and as safely as possible (now thats a juggling act).  I also trust that if my emotions begin to get the best of me, my awesome doula and Derrick will be able to pull me through. If I end up with a c-section then at least I can say I tried.

My birth plan is done.  Now regardless of what happens for the arrival of these guys I know my wishes are known.  While our doula was here she went ahead and installed our car seat bases too!  I didn't want to put the actual car seats in though. If we were to have an accident at least this way we would only need new bases, if the seats were in we'd have to replace the whole stinkin thing.  Trying to think things through here people - at 34 weeks with twins that's not easy to do!  I also got my double snap n go stroller finally! So excited because for the first few months especially, that's going to be the most convenient thing ever!  I was so excited when I finally got it (there was a lot of struggle trying to find one in our area!) and when I got it all put together Derrick and I both said "Perfect".  I haven't got to offically use it obviously, but it really does seem like its going to be the best thing for us for awhile.  I'm so glad I joined the local Moms of Multiples group - it was there that I got the idea of a double snap n go stroller, that advice alone was worth the membership.

Eeeep! I love it!

Names, Names, Names...
The boys still don't have names, which has me FRUSTRATED! It's hard coming up with one name, how on earth do you agree on two?  *sigh*  Hopefully Derrick completes his homework today: Going online and making a list of 5-10 names he likes.  This way, I can pick one off his list, find a name I like to pair with one of his names... I really really hope this works...  I'd like to at least have a few options available to us when they are born.  Derrick is set on "Zack and Luke".  Not terrible, sounds good together.  But both names sound like nicknames to me and he won't settle for Zachary and Lucas... *sigh again*.  I'm in love with Isaac but Derrick doesn't like it... I even said that we could do Isaac and he can call him Zack... No go.  *long deep sigh*.  This is the circus I've been trying to deal with.


  1. Our baby B was delivered footling breech. Everything I read said it's safer than a c-section, and safer than a regular breech birth since Baby A has already paved the way. Good luck!! We also used the snap n go stroller.. it is so lightweight and awesome :)

    1. Thanks Krystal! I'm nervous about delivering Baby B breech but my dr has a lot of faith that it can be done and it'll be fine. As for the stroller - I only wish the wheels were a little nicer, not like we are going four-wheeling or anything I suppose :)