Monday, January 21, 2013

Hospital bag

Hospital Bag packing

I always start packing my bags early, I slowly add things into them as time goes on and I think of things. I started this time around 28 weeks.  I finished them around 32 weeks.  So this has been in our kitchen ready to go since then.

I got the two bags from the clinic. They have a "Pampered Pregnancy" program every patient recieves.  They give you various gifts at each scheduled appointment. I've enjoyed getting these each time. They've really stocked me up on breastfeeding supplies, formula and other various items.
These bags I got this week that had more formula, more coupons, and more bottles for pumping milk - all from Enfamil.  Way better than the random store reusable bags I was using. As OCD as it sounds, I like that my bag and the babie's bag match :)

What should I bring?

A big question with expecting mom's is "What should I bring?"  So this post is dedicated to that vary question. 
What you pack is personal preference and will vary person to person.  Being my 3rd time in, I've learned what I do/don't need, one thing I don't need is a separate "Labor Bag".  My doula takes care of all those items for me and brings way more than I would ever think to.  Some people might pack: Massage oils, music, tennis balls etc.
My Bag:
The hospital will provide a labor gown, pads, and any after care items you would need.
~A "coming home" outfit for me (Yoga pants, baggy shirt, nursing bra)
~An outfit for in the hospital (Sweat pants, nursing tank)
~My Breast cover (So I can still breastfeed when guests are there without exposing myself)
~Fuzzy Socks
~Undies (A few extra! Big for the giant pads!)
~Toothbrush/toothpaste (travel size) for both Derrick and I
~Cell phone charger
~ Camera Charger (the camera is always in my purse)
~a few copies of the birth plan prepared by my doula
~A folded up spare bag for any items we recieve while in the hospital and things the hospital will give us
I did add a peice of paper for Derrick to grab my retainers and the laptop/cord. These are things I still need before the big day and will have to be last minute grab items. I would add my bathrobe to the list but I fully intend to labor at home in it and wear it to the hospital.
Babies bag (Twins)
Most of this I don't actually need, in fact I wouldn't need to bring anything aside from an outfit to go home.  The hospital provides diapers, wipes, creams, white shirts, hats, blankets, feeding supplies etc.  But I like to bring stuff as personal preference. Not all hospitals allow you to dress your newborn, but ours does and I enjoy it.
~2 blankets (I don't like the hospital ones much)
~2 preemie size outfits for each baby
~2 Newborn size outfits for each baby
~1 infant nail clipper (Which the hospital would have)
~2 sets of baby mits (Incase they scratch themselves)
~2 infant hats
~2 warmer hats (for going home in MN winter!)
~2 Nuks (Just in case!)

I've placed the bags inside the carseats so that all Derrick has to do is grab the carseats and we're off. I also put a boppy pillow with our items for quick grab.  I use these during breastfeeding in the hospital. I could use pillows and stuff the hospital has, but I like my boppys.

I do have a diaper bag packed, which probably isn't necessary given that we are minutes from the hospital, but I keep it packed  (diapers, wipes, outfits, breast cover, etc) and in the car just incase we were to have a diaper explosion or hunger strike on the way home.

That is what I bring, some people bring more, some less.  It really depends on what you think you need. I know people that bring pillows and blankets, some bring their own soaps and shower items. I personally don't want to haul all that stuff in so I just deal with the hospital stuff for a few days. Its nice to just walk in with 2 small bags,  1 for me and 1 for baby (and much easier to bring home too, you'll also be bringing home things the hospital gives you). Being only 7 minutes from the hospital has its advantages as well. If there were something I would need  for me or for the babies, I can easily send someone to pick it up. 

I also have an overnight bag packed for Evelyn, so no matter where she is those couple days she'll have 2 days of whatever she needs.

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