Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gonna have to give momma an NST...

Went in for our biophysical profile (BPP) this morning. A BPP is where they check for fluid level, 2 types of movement, heart rate, muscle tone, and practice breathing. They get a total of 8 points during the scan.

Baby B passed right away with flying colors. Baby A however did not, he got 6/8 points because he didn't practice his breathing. He bought us a NST today.

A Non-stress test (NST) measures babies heart-rate and how it corresponds to babies movements. The heart rate should increase with movement and decrease when still.

We failed the first 20 minutes and went for round 2. After that 20 minutes baby A looked good but they wanted to monitor baby B a little further... In for round 3. Finally, baby B also passed and we were able to leave.

Finally relieved everything was ok, finally able to breath that sigh of relief.

I have appointments mixed with BPPs each Monday and NSTs every Friday. If they all go like this I may need an NST for myself!

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