Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Real life?

When I started this blog, I began with the name. It took me weeks to find something clever enough that wasn't taken. But it was simple really.

I never realized then, that this blog would take me beyond my realm of friends and family, and into a world of strangers who would wonder, worry, and pray for us. I didn't know that "real life" was really such an important title. Real - where pregnancy is not always happy and exciting. Real - where pregnancy does not guarantee a take home baby. Where life throws unexpected curve balls that smack you right in the face.

Real - where the thought of pregnancy again can be more scary than exciting. Where life does not guarantee anything and offers no explanations. A life that is more difficult than the life of a bee - they have explanations and answers, reasons that are easily explained. This version of life offers none of these.

I sit here and watch Evelyn playing at the park and wonder - what would it be like to also be playing with a 5 month old little guy. Would he like the grass and wood chips? Would he burn easily in the sun unlike his older sister? Would he be wise beyond his time like our sweet Evelyn is?

This is real, raw emotion and thoughts that nobody wants to experience let alone reveal to the world - but I do. I want you to know what real life is all about. I want you to know and understand the emotional roller coaster that grieving a child brings so that if you or someone you know experiences "Real Life" loss and grief, you can understand. You can better help them through the roller coaster ride that it truly is.

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