Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I can sum it up in one word - bittersweet.

I'm honored by my little girl who first made me a momma nearly 2 years ago.  I'm grateful for her every single day.  She's such a pride and joy to spend my every waking minute with.  Derrick took her for a walk and came back with flowers, and dinner plans:  Steak, smoked chicken, and corn.  I relaxed all day watching tv and hanging out with my loves while Derrick prepared our dinner. It was a great day.

However, I wish my son was here to give me mother's day kisses, to cuddle with me for a mother's day nap, and to put his footprints on paper to be given as a gift. Instead, I meander out to the cemetary so my family can be all together for a few moments during Mother's Day.

Many times last night I was asked if I have kids and how many.  I bragged about my beautiful charming little girl, and followed up with "I have a son too, but he only lived for 35 minutes." For the most part people were really understanding and would say something like "Well, I hope you have an extra special mother's day this year."

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  1. I'm with you on the bittersweet part of Mother's Day for sure. So thankful for the two I have down here, but I sure miss my precious Weston up in Heaven. Though it rained all day, I still went and spent some time with my little I did get to spend time with all three of my kids today, which helped make today special! <3