Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2nd trimester

There's much controversy (In the maternity world) about when 2nd trimester starts.  Some say 12 weeks, some say 13 weeks and some say 14 weeks.  I go by:  40 weeks divided by 3 is 13 weeks 3 days per trimester.  I round it off.  13 weeks is close enough for me. 

So today I reach 2nd trimester.  Yay, 1/3 of the way baked!   2nd trimester was a tough one for us.  Thats the trimester we were in when we learned Gabriel wouldn't live, we spent much of the 2nd half of 2nd tri deciding whether or not to carry our terminal baby to term, then spent the rest of the trimester learning how to live with that decision.

I am afraid that 2nd trimester this time may be emotional as well, but in a different way.  As we start to feel the babies move, have our kidney check, and our anatomy scan, we'll experience emotional flash backs to Gabriel.  I hope that, like many other things, this will bring a smile to my face and bring me back to those few precious months we had with him safely tucked inside.

13 weeks - peaches!

The babies are now the length of peaches!  (Or your pinky finger, whichever is the better comparison for you).  Either way you measure, babies are about 3 inches long and weigh about an ounce.  Their finger prints have formed. They could starting to sprout some hair on their heads already!

As the weeks go on, I feel myself getting bigger and bigger. Derrick still continues to remind me "You're not even that big yet" as I take belly pictures each week. He obviously doesn't get it haha.  Regardless of what I look like, I'm starting to feel huge - although I realize I'm in for much much worse!

The nausea has gone away for the most part (Thank you God!), but now I feel more and more exhausted.  I was hoping for more energy as I reached second trimester, but apparently I was really wrong about that...     It could be because I'm struggling to sleep, Its not comfortable on my back, or on my tummy, and sleeping on my sides is messing with my back.  I remember going through this stage (although a few weeks later in pregnancy) with the other 2 babies... Eventually my body figures out how to be comfortable.  It does make me worry about how I'm going to sleep when I'm HUGE...

I've been lucky enough to have a twin momma or two who have been through this journey before. I've been using them as resources for preparing and getting through a twin pregnancy.  I'm pretty lucky to have these resources at my finger tips. 

3 weeks from now we'll have our ultrasound to check for kidneys.  I am feeling a tiny bit more nervous now about that check than I was last week.  I'm fairly confident these babies will be ok though.

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