Friday, May 3, 2013

Cloth Wiping

Cloth wipes. Something I never imagined I would do, grossed me out just thinking about it (I have no idea why). Honestly, aside from cloth diapering, this is the next best decision I have made!  Why waste money and fill our trash with disposable wipes when I could be just washing them when I do my diaper laundry - hello, total brainiac here.

So I started off using what I already had. An empty, plastic, disposable wipes box. Circo Baby wash cloths (I wasn't currently using them for baths because I had better thicker ones for that), a empty hand soap container, and baby wash.

I put the washcloths in the wipes container, filled the bottle with water and a little baby wash, and I was ready to go. I was loving this already. Yet another way to save money, and more convenient than throwing a cloth diaper in the bag and walking all the way to the trash to throw away the nasty wipes. (Yes, I'm lazy like that. But actually, every minute is crucial when your a mom of 3 under 3!).

Then I won that amazing stash of cloth diapers and supplies!  All the sudden I not only had plenty of diapers, but I was stocked up on wipes as well! 

I had recieved these Osocozy      Terry/Flannel wipes. I LOVE these. They are not too thick but thick enough. I adore the rainbow border - rainbow wipes for my rainbow babies! Plus, I need every tiny bit of cheer and happiness to keep me going. I have 2 dozen of these and use them constantly. 


I fill my empty hand soap container with water and put a few squirts of CJ's Carcass Cleaner into it. I just pour it on the wipe to make it wet. After the diaper change is complete; the diaper, liner and wipe all go in my wet bag for washing.

Today I was finally able to try the Heiny Spray   that came with my stash winnings.  I LOVE this stuff!  You just spray it on, and wipe it off with a cloth or tissue. I, of course, used my cloth wipe - dry. It was awesome. I'll probably save this for the diaper bag and eventually invest in some more. Or perhaps I can create my own solution to put into the bottle because this is a genius idea.


This is my set up at home. On top of my diaper station, I have a basket with the wipes, a basket with the cleaners, and my original box of cloth wipes that now travels around the house.

For the diaper bag; I use the plastic container - made for disposable wipes - and put the Circo Bebe washcloths in it. Usually I can fit 6 or 7 at one time, if I'm gone longer and may need more wipes I just stick extras inside the diaper bag.  I never took along solution or anything (I would just use water out of the nearest sink), but now I may carry a bottle of Heiny Spray or even just water in a sprayer for convenience.

Cloth diapering on the go was never in my plan. Cloth wipes were never in my plan. but I'm addicted now!  I love this stuff!

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  1. Good for you! ::blush:: We use disposable wipes on the go and it's a pain in the butt! I must find one of these containers. I never know where to put the wipes/solution in the diaper bag!