Monday, February 13, 2012

A message from Gabriel?

Recieved a hello from Gabriel today, or at least I feel it was.  I was babysitting my neice and nephew today (as I do every Monday and Tuesday) after working an overnight shift last night. To say the least I was feeling tired and vulnerable. I was feeling emotional and reflecting on how much our lives have changed since Gabriel came into them. I decided to take the kids through the McDonalds drive through as a special treat. I ordered a kids meal for them to share.

When I pulled up to the window the kind lady asked "would you like a Star Wars toy or Build-A-Bear?"

 I stuttered for a second with flashbacks to the day we went and put Gabriel's heartbeat in a very special bear at our local Build-A-Bear workshop. What an important day that was for us, the memories we created building that bear with him. How important that little bear is in our lives. A fellow mother who lost her daughter reminded me when I was having a rough day "Hold and hug your bear, its not the same but it helps." I had shared my idea of putting the babies heartbeat in a Build-A-bear and she did it too. Its amazing how important that little bear, that sits silently on my night stand, is to me.  After a moment I responded, "Build-A-Bear."

After we got back home, I quickly opened the kids meal and pulled out 2 toys - a star wars one, and a Build-A-Bear one (2 toys??? It felt like we won the lottery!). Its a little dog, covered in hearts.  Exactly what I needed to get through the day, a gentle "hello" from Gabriel and a message filled with hearts and love. Was it for me? For Evelyn? Doesn't matter who it was meant for, it still meant the world to me.

Here is the link incase you haven't read the story of us at Build-A-Bear.  

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  1. That is so cool of Gabriel to say hi. I think it was for all three of you and perhaps to all of us.