Tuesday, September 24, 2013

8 months old!

Yesterday, the boys turned 8 months old!  This is flying by quick! 

It's amazing how far the boys have come.  Sitting, standing assisted, eating solid foods, rolling all over the place.  We still aren't crawling or getting up on all 4's, but Evelyn didn't crawl till she was 10 months so I'm not worried yet.  The "Gooo's" and "daaaaa's" along side the amazing amount of giggles is more than my heart can handle most days.  Logan can drink out of a straw already and both are able to drink out of a regular sippy cup - when they want to.  

They have been a bit of a struggle lately, our sleeping problems are getting better as we've moved the boys into their cribs at night. Seems my theory about our snoring keeping them awake may have been accurate.   But the last few weeks they've been incredibly fussy and clingy. If I even consider the possibility of thinking about setting Logan down, he panics and throws a fit.  The last few days have been better during the day, but their night sleep is worse.  

Faith's Lodge

Faith's Lodge is a big property in northern Wisconsin that has been designated to families who have lost a child.  This weekend my amazing support group "Nikolas' Gift" has rented out the lodge and invited us all to go.  I'm SO looking forward to this weekend with the kids and families who are walking our same journey. 

Lately I've been having a bit of a rough time.  My heart longs for Gabriel, my arms crave his hugs.  I will never understand why my mind and body can't just realize that he isn't here. I can't hold him and I can't hug him and I won't be able to until death removes me from this earth.  It seems like everywhere I turn lately I see him or something that reminds me of him. I rearranged a few rooms in our house, and when I moved the desk I exposed all his things we still have stashed.  His shadow boxes and foot prints and our Build - A - Bear are all just staring at me, I notice them now more than before.  

Our Faith's Lodge weekend couldn't come at a more perfect time for me.  I'm so grateful for this opportunity,  I need this.

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