Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tragedy Strikes again...

6 weeks ago, Derrick's dad was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia - Stage 5. We knew he didn't have long to live but didn't expect it to be so short either.  After weeks of transfusions and multiple hospital stays, Joe passed away on Thursday, July 18th.  Derrick was able to get there and say good bye before he passed away. I wasn't able to go with him as Sawyer was sick, but I sent a message to Joe for Derrick to give him: "Please tell him to give Gabriel a huge hug and kiss for me." When Derrick gave him the message he definitely acknowledged the request - in the only way a person on incredible pain killers and seeming incoherent. That's when we learned that one of the things he kept saying was that he couldn't wait to get there and find Gabriel. Heart hit hard at that moment.
"Talk so kids will listen. Listen so kids will talk" 

 None the less, the news of his passing hit hard.  On Sunday we went over to his house with the family so each person could get what they wanted.

A little back history for you, for reasons unknown Derrick's dad has always had a fondness and soft spot for our sweet Gabriel.  He had a huge frame with all pictures of our moments with Gabriel.  He had various statues and other framed photos around his home. Of course we inherited all these things. 

Derrick is amidst a very difficult grieving process right now.  We are all learning to live without his father here. Its rough to say the least.

It's very difficult to think about the wedding that is to happen in 3 weeks, knowing that his dad won't be there in person to celebrate with us.  That day will be especially hard given this loss is so recent for Derrick and his family. 

I can update more later about this loss. But I have many other updates to do in the meantime...

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