Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Potter's baby survives...

A couple months ago a woman contacted me who had found my blog. She was 20 weeks pregnant with her first baby, a little girl. She had just gotten a Potters Syndrome diagnosis and was feeling quite devastated. We talked for hours about my journey that day. I was able to answer some questions she had and give her some guidance.

She called me back last week with an update. Her plan changed dramatically after our conversation. At some point she managed to convince a doctor to do radical treatment and try to save her baby. She convinced a doctor to do something that I couldn't convince the doctors to do - infuse fluid into her uterus.

The treatment worked. Her little girl was able to develop all the other necessary organs so that she may live and receive a kidney transplant. She travelled a lot, and very far to receive those infusions. Despite being born 12 weeks premature, her daughter was thriving making her the first known baby to survive this condition.

I prayed hard for her family, the same way I pray for each mom who contacts me - that they have strength and support, and that they receive a miracle. A miracle is exactly what this mom got. 

I have mixed emotions of course. I'm so thrilled that her baby is alive and thriving. It's great to know that my gut instinct was right as far as infusing fluid. It's also sad to think that if I had the means to do what she did and find a doctor to just try, maybe Gabriel would have had a fighting chance. 

Then I see what this family and her baby, Abigail, would have to endure. Surgeries, dialysis, and hospital stays till the transplant. Then continued treatment after that, most likely for the rest of her life. I would have done anything to have Gabriel here, including all of the above. 

Deep down I know Gabriel's life was exactly what it was supposed to be and he's done so much for me that I wouldn't have any other way. I also have no way of knowing if the same process would have worked for Gabriel. Despite all that, I can't help but raise the question: "what if...?"

She's agreed to do a guest blog for me at some point... I can't wait to provide this information and her journey to other parents receiving their diagnosis so they might also have a chance. 

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