Saturday, August 19, 2017

Gabriel Bear has surgery

A couple years ago, the build a bear that we made with Gabriel's heartbeat quit beating. I was sad but knew I could go in and fix it. A couple years later we finally did.  Sadly they couldn't just replace the battery so I had to pull up the blog from when we did the beat originally and re-record the heartbeat.  The original recording was on a phone that had died - I'm SO glad I posted the video on that blog so I could go back to it.  Now I'll have to re-record the heartbeat and save it in multiple places.

The new recording isnt quite as crisp and clean as the original one was, but it will do for now.  If I can pull the sound better I'll just put a new sound box in the bear again.

I also decided he needed a shirt! So now my Gabriel Bear has clothes!


  1. Hello, I read your blog and was wondering if you have any updates? You are such a beautiful soul & your children are blessed to have you!

    1. Hello! Thank you for your comment. I plan to do an update in the next week or two, it's well overdue!