Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Been meaning to update.

It's been a rough week. I've been meaning to update for awhile now and honestly, it's been hard. I'm not going to lie, teething twins who are going through leap 4 in development right now sucks... Bad.  So far this has been the hardest part for us.  They are cranky, crabby, tired, not sleeping well and all around not being their normally good selves.

I've been stressed out to the max, and just about lost my cool Monday at my sister's house.  Evelyn has been doing so well with potty training, breastfeeding has gone so well so far, but yesterday was a cluster of not good moments.  I had just gotten to my sister's place, tired from working all weekend but looking forward to some time out of the house.  Right away Sawyer started fussing, I knew he was hungry and ready to eat. I fed him and right away Logan started in. He wasn't so easy to fix though, he was fussing and upset and refusing the boob.  This has been happening with this teething business.  I knew he was hungry, he was obviously acting hungry, yet he refused to eat. My pots were boiling, I finally got him to eat and he calmed down. That's when Evelyn - who wasn't wearing any pants or panties because she'll pee in them - pooped, it was wedged between her cheeks and streaked all over the back of her dress, the only dress I had with me (What was I thinking?!?!). I'm pretty certain steam was coming out of my ears. Some days I just can't catch a break. Luckily my sister was there to lend a hand and keep me from completely losing my sanity.

Mental note: bibs are mandatory!
Leap 4 is a horrible leap in development. Before they were going through this leap they could only perceive one smooth transition. After this leap, they are able to perceive a short, familiar series of smooth transitions with all the senses. They are learning all kinds of new skills: grabbing items, putting things in their mouth, playing in activity centers, reacting to mirror images etc.  Perfecting these skills is very frustrating for a baby and this makes them exceptionally fussy.  Plus, the way they perceive the world is changing and that is scary for them, more fussiness.  Joy.  Now add on the teething that is potentially happening and we have the happiest household ever. Not.  They are drool monsters, hands and fists always in their mouths. They are constantly trying to chew on EVERYTHING.  They are fussy and crabby and show all the signs of teething - except the obvious protruding teeth.

Epstein's Pearls in Sawyer's mouth?
I was looking in Sawyer's mouth today and spotted what appeared to be a tooth, but different. It would be abnormal for a tooth to be coming in on the side before front ones. Plus, it doesn't look like a normal tooth would look, so I googled it and found "Epstein's Pearls".  I think that's what Sawyer has, I don't see any in Logan's mouth.

Had the boys' 4 month appointment last week, it was a week after they turned 4 months because I was being chicken about their shots.  The appointment went fine though.  I mentioned the flatness to the their heads, she wasn't concerned and said it would begin to round out now.  We talked about breastfeeding and how that's going and about their development.  They don't seem to be lagging far behind, the only thing they are missing is the rolling over business.  Evelyn was also a late roller so I'm not concerned. These guys are just content to lay on their backs. They HATE tummy time and panic everytime I even try.  Logan is weighing in at 14.6lbs and 23.25in long with a 16in head.  He ranks in the 90th percentile now. Sawyer weighs in at 12.13lbs and 23in long with a 16in head. He ranks in the 56th percentile.  They are growing well!  Its interesting to me that they are the same lenth, same head size, yet there is 2lbs difference in them.  They got 3 more shots and 1 oral vaccine... I think the shots are harder on me than it is on them, and it's always twice as bad because I have to go through it twice!

Logan: "Chew on ALL the fingers!"

Evelyn's potty training comes and goes.  She's so weird.  If I put anything on her: pants, panties, a pull-up, she always pees in it.  If she goes bottomless with just a skirt or dress on than she'll use the potty all day long. This is fine for when we are at home or at family's houses, but when we go places we can't exactly have her bottomless. Plus, we have setbacks. I think the boys being in diapers has an effect on her because she always wants to poop in a diaper, we are having a really hard time getting her to poop on her potty.  Sometimes when she's running around bottomless she'll poop and that is just a big mess - usually on her and her clothes. It's so frustrating and annoying, but we'll get there.

I went a couple weeks ago and got my tattoo done for the twins.  My artist was in town so I jumped on the opportunity to have him do it.  I  knew that I wanted it to match the one I already had for Evelyn, he did a great job! I had requested the dragonflies not be "identical" as the boys are two individuals, now that it's healing you can see that one is more green, one is more blue.

This was taken by Evelyn to show how they match.
Healing up nice

So, although updates come few and far between these days, its because we are so so busy. Life has gotten a little crazy.  Bear with me.

Here are some of my favorite photos from recently - Enjoy all the cuteness!

Bumbo time!

This girl LOVES her brothers!

Holding hands

Enjoying crib time

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