Monday, December 10, 2012

30 week appointment update!

Had my 30 week appointment today.

Everything is looking great.  Baby A had a HB of 130 and Baby B was 140.  Doctor says everything looks great.  I am measuring 40 weeks (for a single baby - obviously doesn't mean much for twins aside from the fact that I am HUGE).  

We talked some about labor/delivery options.  She was a little concerned about how I'd be emotionally given everything from the last time I gave birth and the last time I was in the hospital. I told her I have a wonderful doula that has been with me for both my births and shewill be able to help me through.  She did say that I'd be an excellent candidate for a c-section if that's what I chose to do - but they'd do whatever I want as long as Baby A stays head down. She felt around and *thinks* baby B may have also been head down today, but we won't know for sure until our next ultrasound after Christmas.

Starting after Christmas, I'll be going in once a week for biophysical profiles and growth scans. A biophysical scan is where they do an ultrasound to monitor the babies movements, breathing patterns and such to make sure everything is ok. The growth scans are to make sure both babies are still growing as they should be. I didn't have these with my other babies, so this process is new to me.  I'm guessing its because being twins I am in high risk status - which I've never been before.

Seeing as how I'm already measuring 40 weeks, she said they probably won't let me go past January 30th (instead of February 6th).   She said depending on the doctor, some will say 37 weeks some will say 38. Personally I'd like to see these guys go as long as possible.  Most likely given my size I will be delivered by 37 weeks.  That's provided my body doesn't go into labor on its own, if it does so after 35/36 weeks they'll just let me go at that time. 

She also gave me a prescription to help with all this rib pain I'm having.  I spent much of last night awake tossing and turning in bed because my ribs hurt so bad. It feels like they are spreading apart much of the time.  Derrick does his best to massage them and make me more comfortable but that only works for so long.

Everything seems to be looking good for now!  Neither baby is appearing ready to come anytime soon, so we're hoping to make it to 35 weeks and beyond!  Fingers crossed!

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